Cognizant Recruitment 2021 – Salary 6 Lac per annum

Hi, welcome to FindGovtJobs, today came up with a very good freezer opportunity for you guys from cognizant career guys in these only two rounds will be there.

One is a turnaround. Another one is aptitude run.

First year we’ll be having an aptitude aptitude round.

If you get shortlisted for an aptitude round, then you’ll move into.

Technical round. So guys in this only two round, as I mentioned, and packages four to 4.5 LPI, sort of the best job opportunity from cognizant it is offering through superset and I’m guys, we’ll see what are the requirements and what are the eligibility

criteria to apply for this role?

And guys we’ll see everything, guys. These are the job descriptions. First we’ll look into her job.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Once you come down and click on see eligibility criteria, as you can see, yeah.

You can see the eligibility criteria and before joining the company or before applying to cognizant what you should have, everything they are mentioned there.

So we’ll look into each and everything.

we’ll show you guys each and everything.

So as you can see here, 2000, see, 2021.

software engineer with five years of integrated CO’s degree. Guys, if you have a five years of integrated, a degree can apply for this role and the minimum 60% to vote all over education guys like 10 to 12 and all the UDP.

And what other things, Lander, no standing areas in the current. Education guys mills.

They’re not expecting it should not have any backlogs in the current engineering role or an MCA Emtek or Emmy anything.

So a minimum two years of gap in education means if you have a gap between the 10th and 12th one year, then, uh, it’s okay for them.

Like you should not have a two years gap between your education, like 10 to 12 or 12 to.

Big, great degree to master.

So these things they’re expecting. And before joining to the company here, guys, they are mentioning before joining the company, you should have minimum 60% in new world, uh, toward

the, uh, academy, career and student who are, how so you guys, a student. Well, how our plant for reevaluation waiting for the result would be considered with the initial results call declared.

If we are waiting for the backlogs results, our evaluation results, you will be getting up initial or whatever the score you got, they will consider that they are not going to consider other things and appreciate them.

Appropriate a CGPA two percentage conversion based on the university norms and strong written and verbal communication skills. you have a very company expert.

These guys, please try to learn the verbal and communication skills guys.

This affects you.

In some situations we are able to get the job based on the communication skill itself. And open only for Indian nationals guys.

Uh, it’s open only for Indians and flexible to relocate in India, working any shifts because they are telling you they should be ready to work in any shifts and flexible to relocate if they can.

Like, if you are staying in bamboo and they’ve kept your location tonight or somewhere else, you should be ready to go there.

And this is the requirement or eligibility criteria as, and.

We’ll look into what the student information is before applying to the cognizant?

So request the eligible student to appear for cognizant 2021 bath campus selection process.

That cognizant human resource will be their guest.

First one request the placement officer to guide only the eligible student to register.

These are the student information and guys, uh, other, uh, CSR, the card passport and pan card is available.

That is good for you.

All that kind make mark shoot under certificate for verification before

applying guys and, uh, proper resume with maximum two pages. Winter high resolution, passport size guys, students should have a soft copies

of below, mentioned things guys, before attending this cognizant interview.

These are the things, whatever I mentioned here, one bank card

and other cards and dusting.

And another one is academic mark sheets.

So this one and another thing is that, so your resume, these are the things

they’re expecting, and this is the eligibility criteria of the students.

Once you see these things.

These are the job descriptions, guys.

What you’re going to do there.

Once you see this job is for you guys, 11 to June is the last date, 11:59 PM.

So please, once you click on apply now in the new page, we’ll see

What is the selection process?

So round one will be, as I mentioned, aptitude road second

will be a direct interview round.

That is a technical cognitive ability and right attitude.

And the third one is for like, as I mentioned, initial, uh, compensation, this

cognizant offers four points of ILP.

As I mentioned before, joining cognizant recommended skill certifications,

College graduation score of 60%.

As I mentioned, you should have before joining, you should have all the semester 60% rollout and click on a plan of you will be redirected to a new page where you have to apply for this, uh, cognizant career.

Once so-and-so comes down, you are able to see those things. And you’ll come down and I’ll click on apply. You will build a pace. You enter your email address here. One second, guys.

I mentally, once we’re done with the email address, please click on register topless and click on register and apply.

You will be opening with these things and complete the thing that submitted the application.

Once you submit the application, you will be getting a message from the company that was successfully applied for this role.

And if your profile matches the company requirements, then they will contact you as soon as possible.

This is all a good job guys.

Thank you guys.

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